5770 HD what am i missing??

Just did a gaming built,
I7 930 / P6X58D / XFX 5770 extreme / 6G ram (nothing is overclocked except the graphics card right now)

I have been out of the CPU gaming realm for a few years now. Since Diablo 2 time. I built this rig for Diablo 3 coming out and a few other games.
I purchased "The Witcher" the other day to play the game and test the graphics and ability of the computer. At full resolution (1920x1080) and all the graphics bells and whistles on, this game has horrible video lag. Even with everything turned down to medium it has lag at . The Witcher is a 2007 game, i should not have the problem with my current built on a game that is 2 years old.

I am still new to the cpu world and i dont know how to do much yet. I have the ATI overdrive GUI up during the game and my activity is at 99% the entire time during the game. Temp is around 60c. Here are the clock speeds ( GPU high performance clock - 950MHz, Memory clock - 1310Mhz, GPU clock - 400MHz) i dont know what the differance is between HP GPU clock and GPU clock)

What am i doing wrong here?
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  1. if you oc the graphics memory too much, it actually gets slower because of the way the error correction works. you wont get artefacts like before... have you tried the game with stock settings?

    and seriously, 5770 isn't the fastest card around, maybe it just cant run it any faster... never played the witcher myself so i dont know how demanding it actually is...
  2. Nice rig, apart from the hD5770.
    That graphics card is the weak link, mine can struggle at higher settings at 1920x1200 (my monitors native resolution), even with older games.
    That I7 can drive dual HD5850 cards easily enough and twin HD5870s' with minimum performance loss.
    Apart from some careful tuning of the game settings, you really should be looking at getting either: A second HD5770 for Crossfire or a faster card.
  3. i was trying to keep the price of the rig down hoping that this graphics card would be able to keep up. now it looks like its going to kick me in the butt. Would dual cards be worth it or just cut my loss and get a better single GPU?
  4. The 5770 is a great card, you must have something else wrong there. I don't know what the other two are smoking, and I never heard anybody say the 4870 was a weak link when combined with a i7 920.
  5. Agree with the above comments....though I am oft criticized for saying so, on the ATI side, I see the 58xx as the entry point for HD resolution gaming.
  6. eyefinity said:
    The 5770 is a great card, you must have something else wrong there. I don't know what the other two are smoking, and I never heard anybody say the 4870 was a weak link when combined with a i7 920.

    Thats because ATI retuned the architecture, mainly the memory interface, its not just a better 4870. In many games , in launch articles the 5770 performed the same or less than the 4870. In some dx11 games driver improvements have given the card better numbers, but the 4870 can't do dx11 anyways for a direct comparison there.
    edit: its what has drove the price of Nvidia's gtx 260 up. The only card in that price range from Nvidia.
  7. is there anything i can do or check to see why i cant run a 2007 game with my current graphics card?

    The recommended system requirements are as follows:
    Processor: P4 or higher
    Memory: 1.5G for vista
    Video: ATI 9800 or better

    I know my rig currently well exceeds these requirements.
  8. Run 3dmark 06 and or 3dmark vantage. That will show 'roughly' if there is anything else going on . Thats always a possibility. Report scores
    also right click on ati ccc in taskbar
    go to 1:5770
    3d settings
    standard settings
    make sure optimal performance is checked. That will make sure ccc is not applying any quality settings outside the game.
  9. sevir I just ran the game on eyefinity at 5140 by 1050 resolution, on maximum settings. Running fraps it was 30 fps normally and low 20 fps during combat.

    I agree with notty22, you should run 3d mark to see if you have a problem.

    Are you using the newest catalyst driver 10.3 by the way? http://www.amd.com
  10. i am downloading it now
  11. @ Sevir: Crysis is that old and can still easily give top-end hardware a vicious hard time.
    Try tuning the following: Shadows and lighting effects, both can severely impact framerates. Anitaliasing; Even the fastest cards suffer a performance hit with this enabled, turn it down or off. Draw distaince and details: Do you really need to see every pore in the face of enemies? Do you really need to see every blade of grass on a mountain top 10 K.M. away? Turn them both down for a framerate boost.

    A second card for Crossfire will give a big boost, but only for those games that support dual/multi GPU configurations.

    Mionimum specs are just that: The bare minimum, usually to play at a low resolution and low details, increase either and the required spec increases exponentially.
  12. edit: those didnt work. I am using the new driver, i just downloaded it a few hours ago

  13. so have you tried lowering the memory oc on the card yet?
  14. this happened on both the stock settings and the OC settings. there was no change in performance
  15. With no previous mention of the power supply, I suppose the 3D Mark scores eliminate that possibility... They look to be well within range, and if the PSU were the culprit, scores would reflect that.

    How does it perform in other games? Did it come with a free game, or perhaps a coupon for a free Steam version of one you can try?
  16. it worked great with EQII and Oblivion on max settings. i am on a limited number of test games in my library.
  17. Is there an update available for this game?
  18. for your kind information sevir the witcher isnt demanding game, i played it on full gfx year ago on my 8600gt 2gb ram and e2180 OCed at 3ghz , resolution was 1024x768, so your 5770 should handle this game on 1080p, try disabling the Overdrive and then try. I think there is something technically wrong with your GPU, because 5770=4870 and we all know 4870's reputation.
  19. sevir said:
    it worked great with EQII and Oblivion on max settings. i am on a limited number of test games in my library.

    There's something wrong with the game then, go check the tech support forum of the game. That game is very low end and you should be able to play it fine with only 10% of your video card's power.The Min requirements are only a Geforce 6600 or a Radeon 9800 (ATI 9800 not the Geforce 9800 BTW). Good Luck.
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