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Asus Rampage III Gene problem

Hi everyone.

Im having a couple of weird issues with my motherboard. First of all, when i select the voltage of 1.643 for my DRAM, the actual voltage that my MOBO puts out is HIGHER(1.647V) worried that i may have messed up my motherboard?

Second: when i updated the bios to the latest version, the bios recognizes wrong timings for my ram..i have corsair smx3 1600MHZ 3x2GB kit @ 9 9 9 24...but my BIOS is showing 8 8 8 24....i can manual change it to default timings, but there are other values other than thlse first 4 timings which i have no clue what they do.

My main worry is that i screwed up my motherboard or other components by overclocking my pc( this is the first intel i have, and i got it to 4.0ghz right away). I never set any voltages higher than recommended- with highest being the DRAM(1.64). Any clues to why the motherboard is outputting higher volts than i want it to?

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    First question, I wouldnt worry about it that seems perfectly fine.

    Second you will probably have to manually set the timings and the speed in the BIOS, when updated your BIOS everything went to factory defaults so you RAM wont be running at 1600, it will be probably 1333 which is why it is using 8-8-8-24 instead of 9-9-9-24 which is the profile for 1600Mhz
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