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SSD Price War Heats Up -- 256gb M4 169.99

Just ordered another SSD, could help myself, although I don't know what I'll do with it yet. $169.99 for a 256gb M4 is just too good for me to pass up today. Newegg Business: and discount code mtmk15events -- and check in through Tom's to help pay the bills. :D
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  1. Eggcellent! :)

    That has to be the lowest price ever for that model.
  2. Sick deal!
  3. thanks for posting the deal on here.
  4. Why, oh why can't there be a new egg in Australia? :(
  5. Wow, nice deal

    But it's at $199.99 now.
  6. promo code mtmk15events is no longer active :'( 199$ is still a good price though.
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    Tom's Hardware publishes a list of daily deals from Logic Buy. The link is located in the latest news section on the main page.

    Logic Buy also has a web page just for hard drives and ssd's. They include the Newegg special promotions too. Here is the link:

    The daily deals change every day. You just have to be patient and keep checking until they have the ssd you want at a very good price.
  8. thanks so much JohnnyLucky!
  9. Just checked the Logic Buy drive page. The Samsung 830 256GB ssd is back on sale for $224.99 and free shipping. Sure would like to see it go down to $199.99.
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