Help select motherboard.

i looked at many motherboards but couldn't find if they support undervolting,underclocking,overclocking etc. in bios or they are locked for that
neither i could find help on this on internet,since these were crucially important for me,i decided to go for a mid range gigabyte motherboard as my knowledge about gigabyte tells me that they will put such features on most of their boards,
then i selected GA-MA74GMT-S2,but i'm not sure if it support those features too?the link is:
i like this board but want to be sure.
also if anybody could tell me any other nice board in this price range with those feature not locked....
may or maybe not they are available to me but i think one out of two suggested will be available in my market
my price range is that much only
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    Your digging way too deep. No AM3 board that I ever heard of has ANY of those features "locked".

    Why don't you start by telling us what hardware you plan to use (cpu, memory, video), what your main uses are, and what your budget is and we can find you a good board.

    Do you really want a Micro-atx? Do you need integrated graphics? I really would not recommend a 740G unless your on a really tight budget.
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