My frieds Mobo (asus p5q deluxe) died a death the other day so bought a new mobo (Asrock P5B-DE) but unfortunatly the new board doesn't have Raid but her old system was running raid 0 (2x500gb drives).

1. Is it possible to buy a 1tb drive and copy the old hard drive image on to the 1tb drive?
2. Would it be better if she bought a PciE HDD raid controller card instead?
3. Copy everything she needs onto a back device and fresh install?

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  1. 1) no. different raid controllers build their arrays differently. drives in a raid 0 array built from controller X cannot simply be plugged into controller Y and work, i've never seen it. the only way to do so is a) exact same raid controller or b) software raid. it is possible that a similar mobo (with the same onboard controller) would work, but i haven't had opportunity to try that scenario before.
    2) yes. that way if the mobo dies you can always just plug the pcie controller into a new one and seemlessly keep running the same raid configuration. but it's too late for that now.
    3) you're doomed to resort to a fresh install now, but (unless you find the same mobo as the old one) the data is gone.

    you're learning a lesson in raid the hard way: NEVER keep important data on a raid 0!
  2. I managed to get the data off the drives by plugging them into my computer so all was not lost :)

    Thanks for replying.
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