Icore vs phenom

I'm planning to build a new system, and im stuck between two processors,

1). AMD Phenom II X6 1075T

2). Intel Core i5 650

my budget is limited and cannot go for i7.....

........please suggest

thank u.......
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  1. I suggest the Core i5 750, the Core i5 650 is a quick dual core, and the Phenom II X6 1075T a mid-range hex-core CPU. What do you plan to use this for though?
  2. +1 for the I5 750 but depending on your uses the hex core might be a better option, but for gaming go with the I5 750.
  3. +1 for it depends on your useage
  4. Is the i7 920 better than the i5 750 and does it have hyper-threading ???...
    i can delay my build and get some more money for an i7..........
  5. It still depends on what you use it for and remember mobos for the i7 920 are nearly 3 times the price (in the UK anyway).
  6. Sorry there 3 times the price of an AMD so around 2-2.5 times the i5 one
  7. Well, it really depends on what you plan to use it for.

    Gaming? Video Editing? Photoshop? CAD?
  8. gaming and sometimes modeling in maya........so what do you guys suggest???
  9. For gaming the i5 750 or a quad core phenom will be fine unless you are running a serious dual graphics card configuration.
  10. The I5 750 has the same cores as the I7 just minus the Hyperthreading that is the only difference.

    Sounds to me that the I5 750 would be the way to go thats my opinion.
  11. ok thanks guys......can you just tell me the avg price of an asus mobo for the i5 and x6 (only need 2xDDR2 1066 mhz slots and 1xpci-e slot )...
  12. I don't think you can get an i5 board that supports DDR2. As for the AMD x6 for DDR2 you need an AM2+ board that the manufacturer has released a bios update to use x6 chips but there dirt cheap £30+ in the UK.
  13. simon12 said:
    It still depends on what you use it for and remember mobos for the i7 920 are nearly 3 times the price (in the UK anyway).

    1156 is dead in 5 months so don't waste your money. AM3 is more futureproof and is cheaper. Also no DDR2 1156 boards.

    I agree but I assumed they already had DDR2 RAM they wanted to use, I suppose unless they have a serious amount then its better to upgrade to DDR3 making the Price of an AM3 mobo £40+ but best to spend at least £70
  14. Ok here's my final build up :

    MSI 785G-E65 AMD 785G Motherboard
    4GB DDR3 1333Mhz Ram (OCZ or Kingston)
    AMD Phenom II X6 1075T 3.0Ghz
    HD 5850 or GTX 465
    Coolermaster silent pro 750W

    Will this work fine??
  15. Great.... :D thanx to all ;)
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  17. The best mid-range option is the 1075t Black Edition with the unlock multiplier.The clock sped is 3.0 GHz but you can easily hit 3.3-3.4 with the standard cooler.
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