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I have this drive for about 2 yrs now and it stopped work within about a year, the blue light just flashes on and off steady with the red light on at all time. My computer doesn't recognize it at all, it doesn't even register that it's plugged into my computer. Help please!
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  1. When that happens to me, I usually open it up remove the platters and hang them up on my wall as decorations. Also take out the magnets and play with them untill they break up and then throw the rest of it in the trash.

    On the other hand, if you have really important data on it, send it to a data recovery service and have them get all of the data off the drive and put it onto something that still works.
  2. Since it is past warranty, remove the drive from that FU case (I had one, too) and install it as an internal drive. I did that with mine--using it right now, because of the floods--and the drive works great.

    Anyway, this will tell you what the problem is. I and others have found that the simple-sht drive has always been a problem: PC doesn't recognize it, always have to turn it off and then on when it spins down, etc. Let us know what happens.
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