New asus motherboard , can see display after 30 sec-1 minute delay ? please see

Motherboard P5G41-M LE/CSM

Processor : Intel Celeron D processor , socket 775

Ram memory : PC2-6400 2x1GB sticks

Recently changed my motherboard and used following ram and processor .

system is booting okay, windows is running fine only problem i am having is when i starts up my system its taking a long time to reach to Asus P5G41-M screen. only thing i notice is fan running slow and i dont see any display in the beginning but after 30 seconds -1 min , fan run really fast and then i can see the display on screen and after that everything runs fine.

i have tried it during bench test too so i dont think its because of hard disk or usb controller. during bench test i have connected only power supply ram, motherboard and processor and it was showing same problem at that time.

CPU temp was 34 deg C in bios , so i guess thermal paste and heat sink are working okay i checked memories and motherboard controller and all came passed.

just wanna mention .. motherbaord, cmos battery , memory all are brand new and i just opened the package

Please let me know if you need any more details.

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  1. Check the "fast boot" setting in your bios and make sure it's enabled. Make sure the "lan boot" option is disabled. Check the windows control panel for extra junk. Normally, if windows reloads with a new board, the old board device drivers are replaced but you may have some leftover junk on the system causing the slow boot up. If you did a format and fresh windows install, then you won't have any extra junk to worry about.
  2. Thanks for your reply, as i mentioned i tried first during benchtest with no hard drive attached to it but it did same thing at that time too .. i will definately check with bios settings too and will come back to u if it would be helpful in anyways but in my case this delay is before we reach bios screen not after. There is no display and after 30sec-1 min i can see display ..

    delay 30sec-1min with no display
    asus motherboard welcome screen
    windows startup

    there is no delay between bios and windows startup its only before bios screen
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