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I'm trying to run 4 Hanns-G 28-inch displays off of my Dell XPS-630i computer system.
I have 2 of them running great off of the installed NVida GeForce 9800 video card, which is in the GFX Slot 1. When I try to add an NVideo 7600GT video card in the GFX Slot 4, the computer goes blue screen, and I can't get the additional video card to work (although in Safe mode, it says the 7600 video driver is installed, and it's current). It just keeps cycling through blue screens (unless I go into Safe mode) until I pull the 7600 card and go back to 2 monitors.

From all I've read, these 2 cards should be straightforward to get to work together. Have tried to get Windows Repair to work, but can't get into normal Windows mode to allow it to do its work.

I've tried this whole sequence twice, the first time about 2 weeks ago. At that time, I pulled the 2nd card, restored and got the system back to running the 2 monitors. I read more on-line, particularly on this forum, and thought I'd give it another try. It seems, given that the cards are close in capability and from the same manufacturer, and from what I read here, that they should work easily together.

What am I missing?

Thanks for any help - I figure I'll either need to swap the 7600 card for another 9800, and just dump both and get a single card that will drive 4 monitors directly for $500.

Appreciate any help!
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  1. Hmm I'm not totally sure but I think the problem is that your trying to use two cards together, when both of them are from different generations and architectures, hence making them incompatible... Basically for four monitors you would either need another 9XXX series Nvidia card or a card that can run 4 monitors by itself
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