Will this build work??

First time builder - have these components sitting infront of me, went on the advice of posters on this forum but had some trouble gettin parts etc, anyway quick question regarding the motherboard and RAM I have purchased.

Will this work?

Amd phenom 550
G-Skill ripjaw DDR3-1600 2GBx2 - F3-12800CL8D

don't have access to the Internet at the moment, only on my phone so would appriciate any help on this

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  1. Yes your motherboard and RAM will work fine together.
  2. Yes proc is an AMD, board supports that and it supports your ddr3 1600 ram.
    But out of curiosity why did you buy a cas8 ram for $5 more then it's cas7 counterpart?
  3. Someone recommended it on here
  4. The ram won't fit on motherboard, the sides are too big which means I'm unable to lock it in, why is this????
  5. I've used Ripjaws RAM on that motherboard before. I'm not sure what you're doing wrong.
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