Is motherboard toast

Last night, I had to restart my computer. When it booted up again it would stop halfway through the boot process and never continue. Here's what I mean. My mobo is a DFI Lanparty DK790FX-M3H5. I've discharged the mobo as well as clearing the CMOS. I have no idea what's wrong. Can anyone help me figure it out? I start my online classes next Monday. I really need to fix it ASAP.
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  1. I cant watch youtube vids at the moment, but what you might try is removing all of the extra components (hdd/opticals/expansion cards) and start it up with the bare minimum, see if it posts and loads up the bios.

    from there add on components until its faults out..then remove the last component and see if its OK. Then you've id'd the bad component.

    Hope this helps
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