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Hi, I am using windows XP service pack 3, I am facing an issue on boot up. I get the black Windows XP loading screen with the blue bar going across which ideally should be followed by the welcome screen but in my case instead of saying welcome it comes up with the normal blue colored screen with windows xp written on it and does not go any further I have tried booting up in safe mode but that does the same. The computer does not hang because I can still move the mouse. pressing the ESC button results in a BEEP whereas pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL does nothing. My hard disk light keeps flashing as if its doing something. I have tried to restart the PC, have tried taking the power cable out and putting it back in have tried reseating the RAM nothing seems to help. :cry:
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  1. Try safe mode - command prompt! This will list things as they are loaded. Then write us again and tell us where it sticks / stops / whatever.
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