Is this a deal or what?!?

Samsung T260HD 1920x1200 26" LCD TV w/remote
Coolermaster cosmos 1000 case
OCZ 700W Stealth X stream psu
Gigabyte 790GPT am3 motherboard dual 8x PCI-E slots
AMD Phenom II 550 black edition dual core
4GB OCZ DDR3 1600 memory in dual channel
ASUS ATI 5750 video card
OCZ Agility 60gb Solid State Harddrive
DVD-RW 24x lightscribe SATA drive
Corsair H50 water cooler
Logitech wave wireless keyboard
Logitech WAVE wireless mouse
Windows 7 Home premium retail

Some guy on craigslist sold it to me for 700 USD..... I almost crapped my pants. Works Perfect.
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  1. Some poor rich kid has a broken window and a missing game system ?
  2. It looks like a good deal to me!!! You got a good PC at that price, one that you couldn't build on your own and match.
  3. haha, he had a legit reason to it. Works in I.T., recently lost his job, moving and needed the money. Says he built it 2 months ago for 1200, i might sell the tv and get a decent monitor. I dont like playing fps on TV?Monitors.
  4. Pretty damn good deal.
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    The t260hd is actually a monitor with a tv tuner. It was $400 when it came out.
  6. anonymousdude said:
    The t260hd is actually a monitor with a tv tuner.

    Thats pretty much what all HD-TVs are now.
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