How to test if GPU is dying?

I'm currently using EVGA Nvidea 8800 GT (almost a year passed since i bought it)

I had some weirdest problem as my graphic card came back to life after showing some dying symptoms.

While I was playing bioshock2, my computer froze with artifacts, and could not play any games (even low-end games like warcraft3).

Then after a few days, I could play any games almost perfectly again.

Then about a month after, which is right now, I'm having this problem again!

So I try to see what is wrong with my GPU using Rivatuner. or any other programs

(I tried furmark, but it would freeze after 10 sec or so)

How can i test such thing ? (like changing fan speed, checking memory usage while playing games and such)
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    Clear the dust out of it; could be temps.
  2. its perfectly clean!
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