Asrock Deluxe 4 ,ADATA 6GB Memory Kit, nvidia cards

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they'd expect any problem pairing up these components:

1) Asrock Deluxe4 AMD 890FX Motherboard

2) ADATA 6GB Memory Kit

3) Nvidia 9800GTX/GTX+ card.

I was upgrading my one computer with the above listing and was having one heck of a time getting it to boot up properly. A few times I was able to get it up and into the bios and everything looked fine. It saw all the memory and everything.
After taking out and changing the hardware configuration enough times and resetting the cmos.. I was able to get it to boot a few times. But that was a lot of work. It threw a few "1394 GUID Invalid" a few times but it wasnt consistent. It wasnt very predicable either.

I RMA'd the board back to newegg thinking it was the board.

I dont have a way of testing the ram as thats my only DDR3 board.

The graphics cards and processor work fine.

Does any one have any thoughts on this? I've never had any problem with memory before and I know people run nv cards in their amd chipset boards...

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  1. How does it behave with 2 memory sticks installed? (6GB kits are designed for LGA1366 systems)
  2. There was no difference in booting. I tried with just 1 stick in, i tried with just 2 sticks in. I tried putting the sticks in difference places and occasionally couples with changing the graphics card and resetting the cmos, I would get it to boot up and be able to access the bios.

    The 7-segment displays would sit at 20, 2A and 38 often. The screen would display the GUID error and 0033 from time to time. It wasn't predictable though.

    When the system did boot to the bios, it did see all 6GB of ram and operated normally.

    The boards being RMA'd to newegg as of right now. Hopefully that was at fault and not the RAM as I dont have any way of testing the DDR3 stuff.
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    It is unlikely that all the sticks were bad (since no difference with one stick) so you are more than likely on track with the board. In any case it is a good idea to test the ram with memtest when you get the board back
  4. I did RMA the board back to newegg, its on its way back now. Im pleased it shipped from NJ and not Cali this time. I might have it before the weekend is out.

    I also managed to pick up a set of 8GB DDR3 ram that was on the shell shocker a few days ago. $65 for 8GB isnt bad in my book.

    I'll update when I rebuild the system
  5. System rebuilt. I managed to pick up 8GB of DDR3 on a shell shocker.

    I think the ADATA ram was bad when I originally assembled the system. I added it in with the G.SKILL (shell shocker) ram and the system refused to install windows, memtest reported bad sticks...

    RMA'd the ADATA back to newegg, running on the G.SKILL now, no problems.
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