80211n Router apparently causing Intel 5150 wireless adapter to shut off

My small company recently replaced its wireless router with a Wireless N router with WPA2-PSK security enabled and added a second public router at the same time. Ever since the replacement, when I work in the office, my wireless card on my laptop turns off every 5 - 10 minutes or so and I have to run the troubleshooter to turn it back on. I disabled all automatic power management functions on my laptop and I changed the configuration so that the system is not ever supposed to turn it off. The wireless card is an Intel Wifi 5150 card. Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening? It does not happen at other wireless locations when I connect with my laptop (home, coffee shops, etc). I also cannot connect at all to the wireless router in one specific room. The IT people who changed the routers and are supposed to keep the network up and running have not been able to fix the problem. Any suggestions?
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  1. Are your wifi drivers up to date!
  2. Yes, I wish the problem was that easy!
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