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Hey guys,

So I built my system about one year ago (specs in sig) and I've had very few problems from it. I have dabbled in OC-ing the CPU, GPU, and RAM late last year, but nothing much at all and nothing in recent days. I always keep tabs on my temps with Speedfan and HWmonitor and everything checks out; however, my CPU readings suddenly read 0 C or -256 C in various programs (speedfan, HWmonitor, AMD Overdrive{gray no reading 0}). When this first happened, I checked my BIOS readings and it always gives me an actual reading. I tried searching for an answer, and while this seems to have happened to other people, I could not find a solution. Any suggestions or answers are much appreciated.

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  1. Same CPU, same background, same problem. I haven't found a solution but it doesn't seem to be hurting anything. It only seems to happen to me when my temps are lower and around idle speed. When it's under a load all of a sudden it seems that HWmonitor starts getting a temp signal from the CPU. I only started noticing this when I bought a new CPU cooler so that I could try to get 4ghz out of the old girl, so hopefully it's going to keep letting me know when she's getting hot. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I just wanted you to know it seems to be a fairly common occurance.
  2. Hey. glad you posted on here. I actually found a solution... at least to my problem. I have an Asus board which will unlock cores in your CPU, and somehow it got turned on (by pressing 4 on the first splash screen) even though my processor is native 4 core. By turning this off in the bios, I can now see the temps. I hope this helps!
  3. Yeah, ACC can cause problems with temp readings. I have this issue with my Athlon 620, but its not to worry before i turned ACC to unlock my L3 it ran around 23c idle 34-35ish under load overclocked.
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