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I recently bought replacement RAM for my computer as my Crucial memory had been stolen on a Friday night :D It is OCZ 2GB DDR2 800MHz (PC2-6400), and my motherboard is a TA770E by Biostar. I know that this RAM isn't on the memory support list but is it okay for this to continue? CPU-Z and the BIOS report correctly but I know that 'voltage instabilities' can do some damage?

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  1. What a bunch of A$$HOLES! I had someone walk off with a Nikon and box of 100 DVDs and I'm still angry after 2 years!

    Define 'voltage instabilities'? ±0.2 DRAM Voltages don't even get my attention and will NOT damage your RAM, but if you're OC'ing the CPU then I strongly recommend setting the DRAM Voltage and/or IMC {QPI/VTT} voltages.

    Keep in mind clocks change for a variety of reasons and the Auto follows suit and not always for the best {e.g. OC}.
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