Bad memory - how to diagnose?

I just fired up my newly built PC for the first time with 6x2 GB of RAM. Nothing fancy, just 1333 MHz Corsair. I am running it on an Asus P6X58D Premium with i7 980x. No overclocking. BIOS detected all the RAM just fine, along with everything else in the system, so I was thinking the RAM was in good shape.

But when I installed Win 7 64 bit, I got an "Error 0x80070570" with a message that I couldn't finish the installation since a file was missing or corrupt. Then when I clicked "Ok" I got a BSOD with "Memory Management" message.

So, I took out all but one stick, and tried again, and it went perfectly. I got Windows 7 installed, updated drivers, download anti-virus, all that stuff. Everything's great... but I want to run all 12 GB of memory, not 2 GB.

My question now, as a first-time builder, is what should I do? Should I try to ID the bad stick(s) so I can RMA them? Or should I try putting all of them back in and seeing if it runs with 12 GB this time, with the thinking that it was just a weird one-time fluke? My concern is that even if it runs, it'll have instability problems that may not show up for awhile, so I feel I should somehow validate each stick one by one.

Should I run Memtest on one stick at a time? I've never run memtest before... seems complicated...

What's the best approach here?

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  1. According to :

    It looks like that you will have to check both the rams and the ram slots.
  2. Hey Brianz... Not complicated at all, burn yourself a CD of Ultimate Boot CD, easily downloaded from the web. Set your BIOS to boot from the CDROM, put the first stick of memory in the motherboard and boot the disk. Select one of the Memtest choices, hit enter and sit back, simple! Go through all your sticks, errors will show up in red... if you bought these in pairs or triples and find one bad, return the set...
  3. Get user manual and see what kind of memory use you are motherboard. Maybe that brend of memory can't support this mobo or in ur case, can't support triple chanel... Try two stick (4gb) in the first chanel, will be work for sure...

    Go on this link and download Qualified Vendor List.
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