I5-750 clock speeds fluctuating between

heres my specs

corsair 650watt psu
4gb ripjaws ram

For some reason, my cpu frequency keeps varying between 1215mgz and 2666mhz. In my control panel that came with the motherboard, it is saying that it is at a constant 2.66ghz, but the multiplier flashes very fast, indicating it is switching between x9 and x20. I also have this program that flashes your clock speed on your desktop every 3 seconds. sometimes it gives me 2666mhz, sometimes it says 1215mhz

Also, when I was playing fsx, the fps was choppy, but in a rythemetic way. Think of a clocks second hand ticking. Every second, it would start getting choppy. What gives?
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  1. Speed step. Slows down CPU to conserve power when not busy. Can be disabled in BIOS.
  2. is that oc stepping? It has that in my bios? It also has this eicm thing or something like that. And why would they include it if it just makes your game choppy.
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