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My system configuration is, AMD Phenom II X3, Gigabyte 780G motherboard, 2 GB ram 160GBx2 HDDs.
One of the hard disk is reading slow with 1.8MB/s in Windows XP. Its taking a long time even to read .exe file.
But when I boot through Ubuntu its reading perfectly. What would be the problem it causing to read/write slow.

Thank you
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  1. Check the device manager's drive controllers. Make sure thaey are running in DMA mode, not PIO mode. Also get a utility that can check SMART status of your drives.
  2. I checked the drive controllers and DMA mode they are good.

    Here's the Speed Measure
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    Here's the Smart Status
  3. You are showing reallocated sectors and UltraDMA CRC errors in SMART. It looks like you are using a seagate drive. Download seatools and see if it's reporting problems. It might be time to return this drive if it's under warranty.
  4. Yes, am using Seagate SATA HDD. I used the sea tools, it didn't showed any problems. But its taken appro. 2 hours time to do the long tests.
    I returned the drive but they just repaired it seems and returned in just 3 hours. Drive is still slow and don't know how the seagate repaired the drive. I thought it would be my system fault and I tried it another system but still same result. Is there any way to get back the original speed.

    Thank you
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    You can't repair reallocated sectors so I'm not sure what they "repaired". The CRC error may be a bad sata cable. You can try using a different sata cable. The locking type are best. If you continue to have problems and the drive is under warranty, then have it replaced.
  6. I think seagate is checking the drive whether the drive is detecting or not. If it detects they says it repaired or else replaces the drive. I checked with other sata cable, still remains the same. So started to format this drive in many ways, finally it worked in Windows Setup, and has got its original speed. Even in Disk Management format does not work. Am sure this problem will repeat again. But for now its solved.

    Thank you
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