Catalyst 10.x breaks OpenGL (Can't run any OGL app/games, only on 9.x)

This is a problem I have been trying to fix ever since the first 10.x series came out. Let me first say what the problem is.

After installing the 10.2's, my OpenGL capabilities broke entirely. I could not run ANY OGL application/games. Whenever I tried to launch something that used OGL, I would get this error message:

"LoadLibrary failed with error 126: The specified module could not be found. opengl"

I didn't bother to find a fix then, since I was going to wait for the 10.3 finals.

So in the end, I ended up trying: 10.2, 10.3 leaked, 10.3a and the 10.3b's that were released a few days ago. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them kills my OpenGL capabilities.

I tried everything. Uninstall the old drivers normally, boot into safemode, user Driver Sweeper and/or Driver Clearn dotNET, etc. I even tried uninstalling normally, without using special driver cleaners. As far as I can tell, I used three different methods for uninstalling/installing drivers:

1) Uninstall drivers, boot into safemode, use Driver Cleaner, boot into Windows, and install 10.x


2) Uninstall drivers, restart and install 10.x


3) Don't both uninstalling, install 10.x drivers over on top

Same problem. No matter what I seem to do, 10.x ALWAYS breaks my OGL for me.

Yes, I also tried the OGL 4.0 driver suite that was released.

Here's the kicker: If I uninstall the 10.x and install 9.12, my OGL works! I can run and use any program/games that utilizes OpenGL on 9.12! I tried installing the 9.12s, and installing the OGL 4.0 on top, but that STILL breaks my OGL capabilities. As a last resort, I unstalled all the drivers, installed the 9.12s, restarted, and ran an OpenGL benchmark took in windowed mode (Fuzzy cube in GPU Caps Viewer), then I procceded to install the OGL 4.0 (10.3's). Once the installation got to the video driver portion, the screen flickered, and the benchmark window disappeared. I couldn't run it again after the video drivers were complete! ***.

So there is something that's changing my OGL in 10.x video drivers....

Now, does anybody have any ideas?
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  1. What OpenGL games have you tried? I heard the 10.x broke some older games, but I thought they were DX games (though not sure).
  2. Any OGL related programs.
  3. Have you tried 10.1? I tried installing 10.2 but it stuffed up my computer, and so, I just used 10.1 instead, and it works fine.
  4. Hmm, I think Quake 4 is Open GL, right? If so that ran fine on my 5850 with 10.3a.
  5. ...Why can't ATI get decent OpenGL drivers...I REALLY hope Doom4 doesn't break their cards like Doom3 did...
  6. Erm, any ideas anyone?
  7. bump....
  8. Well, 10.4 might be out in a week or two. Another driver to try I suppose.
  9. Weekly bump....
  10. Still no luck with the 10.4 preview?
  11. I'm running 10.3 with a 4770, I can run Quake 4 and the Uningene benchmarks in OGL .
  12. I haven't tried the 10.4 previews yet, I guess I should try this... When are the finals coming out?
  13. Wow. I fixed the problem.

    It was actually exhilarating, and I feel like I've accomplished something epic. Internet was not much help, and this problem wasn't widespread so I was pretty much alone.

    I feel like screaming out 'hurrah' or something a few times. I now have full OGL capabilities after months!

    What I did was use Process Monitor to run a variety of programs that used OGL, and where it would fail to find a file. After all, that was the problem. It couldn't find a module (dll) of some kind.

    So after running a few OGL programs with the same "Loadlibrary failed" error every single time, I noticed that it would load dozens of dll files. I had to go through hundreds of lines of logs, as even after filtering, it was hard to miss.

    I kept searching, hoping to find a .dll file that the OGL program would fail to find completely.

    Then I found it! Even if the program couldn't find a .dll file initially, it looked in other folders and found what it was looking for. But this specific dll file would not be found. Any OGL program would try to find this dll file and it would fail to find, thus my horrible LoadLibrary failed error.

    The file was simply ".DLL". Any OGL program would look for this in a variety of folders and fail, since it was not there. This is very strange, as it's a dll file without a name. I decided to use the command line and copy and rename opengl32.dll into ".dll". My OGL programs no longer crashed, but it was the wrong DLL or something, the program would error out again. So, I've isolated the problem! After remembering the old suggestions about missing "atioglxx.dll" file, I copied and renamed THAT file into ".DLL" into /windows/system.

    I then ran my OGL programs.... And they magically worked! I think I've fixed the problem. Only took a few hours of my day.

    Here's the important technical part:

    Now, why would after installing 10.x drivers, would OpenGL programs start looking for ".DLL"? Copying over and renaming atioglxx.dll as ".DLL" seems to fix it.

    What's the best way to tell the Catalyst Crew about this problem?
  14. I think there is a "Feedback" on the driver page. Now I wonder if mine would do this as well or if (for some odd reason) it is isolated to your computer.

    Edit: I guess an easy way would be to run Furmark in OGL mode.
  15. It's not entirely isolated, as it seems to happen in a small number of cases...
  16. Or wait, Furmark is only OpenGL right? If so, mine works fine. Would be really interesting to know then why yours decided to look for the wrong file.
  17. Hi and thanks for the tip,

    I had a similar problem running 3D-graphs with MathCad 14 (or 15) on a computer with an ATI HD4xxx-card. MathCad would crash with the "LoadLibrary failed with error 21"-message. Copying the file "atioglxx.dll" into ".dll" fixed the problem, I now get graphics in HighColor (16-bit)-mode.

    Yours Henrik
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