Wearing out SSD for a security camera recorder?

I have a spare 120GB Intel 320 series SSD that I'd like to use in a Zotac mini PC for a very low-power camera recorder with Milestone XProtect software. This software would record the camera H.264 streams continuously to the drive. With a typical life of 3,000 write cycles, I haven't been able to figure out... how long would I be able to record before the drive is worn out if I'm writing to it continuously? Several years? Less than a year? Intel extended the warranty to 5 years on this drive because they are confident that for most users it will last for a while, but a camera recorder is not typical usage..
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  1. Don't know how long the drive would last. You somehow need to figure out how many GB of data will be written in one day.
    With that info maybe someone (not me, I'm not that knowledgeable :) ) can extrapolate how long the drive will last.

    Most consumer level SSD (including the Intel 320) use MLC NAND. Whatever drive you decide to buy should have SLC NAND, which have higher P/E cycles than MLC NAND, and will last longer.
  2. I found this article, and based on the calculations here, I'd guess I would get 2 to 3 years of live video storage before the drive wears out:


    Now my question is, what happens when it wears out? Would the controller report an error and handle it gracefully telling me to swap the drive.. or would it silently write corrupt data without telling me?
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