Mobo:GA-MA785GT-UD3H (rev. 1.0) and HDD-Sata3:WD10EARX Issue

My PC:
Model Name : GA-MA785GT-UD3H(rev. 1.0)
M/B Rev : 1.0
BIOS Ver : F8
VGA Brand : PowerColor Model : HD5770
CPU Brand : AMD Model : Phenom II x4 Speed : 2800
Operation System : Win 7 32-bit SP1
Memory Brand : Type : DDR3
Memory Size : 2x1GB Speed : 1600
Power Supply : 660 W

Hi all,

I've just installed new HDD-Sata3-6Gb/s-Buffer:64Mb(WD10EARX, 1TB). The Bios just recognize my new HDD 1.5Gb/s(Capabilities) while setting RAID.

This is a picture of Gigabyte manual, and the description-part is my problem.

I tried on jumper setting of my new Sata3-HDD(WD) to set it down with 3Gb/s but the Bios just recognized 1.5Gb/s, too.

I used the other official SATA cable. No change.

And my older HHD-Sata2-3Gb/s-Buffer:16Mb(SeaGate, 320Gb) still recognize this HDD-SeaGate 3.0Gb/s(Capabilities) while setting RAID.

I've bench my new HDD Sata 3 with HD Tune Pro.

It seems so-so performance. I thought our Bios could not recognize new-kind Sata3 or the mobo's south-chipset SB 710 could not recognize Sata3?

Could you please make a discussion for this my issue?

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  1. Hard drives cannot spin fast enough to achieve SATA 3 (6Gb/s) speeds.

    The drive can briefly (milliseconds) get SATA 3 speeds from data that's in the cache buffer (in your case the 64MB cache).

    Your drive can Read/Write at sustained speeds of only 110MB/s.
    So your HD Tune results appear to be normal.

    Here a link to the spec sheet of your drive:
  2. Thanks for taking a glance at my post.

    The goal i need to get is, why my mobo can't recognize my new WD-HDD-Sata3 as Sata 3G(see the picture i posted) but Sata 1.5G .

    I really need my mobo recognize recognize my new HDD as 3Gb/s(Capabilities) while setting RAID, not Sata1.5G .

    Could you please discuss more...
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