I7-875k & Fan problem?

Just put together my build. EVGA P55 SLI, i7-875k and Artic Cooler freezer Pro Rev 2 fan. The fan has yet to turn on, it is pluggedinto my jcpu 4 pin port near the cpu. My current temp reading from my led on my mobo is 63 (celcius i'm guessing). Should it be running? It spins for a nanosecond if i remove and replug it in.
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  1. If I understand you have the same problem I had. The problem is on your mobo if u have the guarantee just replace it.
  2. set it run permanently in the BIOS to check it's working.
  3. turns out the fan assembly just needed to be puched in. It was'nt snapped into the motor all the way. I discovered this in disgust as i was about to tear it apart. I see alot of people are having with this fan not spinning. I bet this is the solution for 99 percent of them. It must become dislodged during shipping. Thanx anyways guys. I appreciate the input.
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