New Build: Win rating 5.9!

I've just ran the windows rating thing in Windows 7. It goes off the lowest score and that was 5.9! everything else was 7.3/7.4 but it was the hard-drive that came out with 5.9.

This is the hard-drive. How can I check it's running correctly, I'm sure it should be better than 5.9.

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  1. That is already good for a normal 7200rpm HDD.
    Get SSD or WD Raptors, if you want to have faster HDD!
    You can also RAID HDDs.
  2. Well, I know what you mean, I was getting 7.5 on CPU/memory and 7.2 on graphics, and yet 5.9 is the highest rating that conventional SATA II 7200RPM HDDs can achieve, the only way to increase it is to as guanyu suggested, RAID 0 your drives, I believe it scores 7.9, depending on your HDDs., SSDs score approximately 7.2 - 7.9, I'm not sure how high Raptors score.
  3. ok, well if it's "normal" albeit disappointing then I'm fine with it, just as long as nothing is broke! :D
  4. Widows Experince scores don't matter.
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