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hi i am buying a new computer and was getting the new thuban 1055t six core processor. i was wondering if the heat sink that it comes with would be ok to use ( im not going to be overclocking but was worried about my computer overheating). I do some heavy gaming but have good airflow in my case. so will the thuban 1055t overheat if i use its original heat sink
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    It will be fine if you don't oc but will be noisey when heavy gaming.
    Most folks buy an aftermarket cooler like the popular CM Hyper 212+($30)for better cooling and reduced noise.
  2. even with the stock you can oc it a bit, probs up to around 3.2 GHz easily without a voltage increase, or much more heat production.
  3. ok thank you guys
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  5. I recently built a system with the Phenom II 965. I used the stock heatsink at first. If low noise if important to you, I highly recommend you go aftermarket. The stock cpu fan reaches speeds in excess of 6000 rpm, which sounds a bit like a drill.

    I replaced the stock HS with a Scythe Mugen 2, which has a fan that never exceeds about 1200 rpm, and is quieter than my case fans. Plus, my cpu temps have dropped and I have overclocking headroom.

    Noise is an issue for some and not for others. It is much easier to start out with an aftermarket heatsink during your build than replacing the stock one later.
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