Upgrading motherboard on hp pavilion 6330

I bought this computer back in 2008 and would like to upgrade the motherboard and processor. Is this possible, or would I be better off buying another computer? According to the website it has an Asus, m2m68 - la?

Thank you for any help you can give.
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  1. You can use any micro atx board you like. The problem is you have to purchase another windows coa if you're still using the operating system that came with your board. There's a small bios file attached to the windows operating system that id's your board as hp everytime you boot up. So a non hp board may not allow windows to boot. If using amd, you may try a newer version of your 6150 chipset board, but some of those are limited to 95 watt cpus; however, some will work with faster phenom II am3's. I have one of those boards now that use ddr2, and they work fine, but I'm using the am3 sempron 140, since I'm not a gamer.
  2. Thank you, I could use suggestions on what to get. I understand getting a board with more wattage, might require i replace power supply too right? Still might be cheaper to just buy another computer huh? lol.
  3. I found some deals on craigslist for cpus and boards recently; all less than half price and some new. Same for windows 7; also check anandtech's for sale forum. You'll have to decide on a budget before anything else, and post it here.
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