My Computer Will Not Turn On!

Ok, So i have a brand new build and it was a customized and was sent to me a few weeks ago, i was having blue screening, and game crashes because of the ram and was getting ready to send it back tomorrow, now in the middle of playing my game it turned off randomly. Now when i go to turn it on it simply flashes for a second and then turns right back off and i need to replugg the power cable in the back to make it do that. I have gone through the checklist,( to the best of my ability with computers) what can the problem be?
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  1. What kind of power supply do you have?
  2. Its a 680w psu Gold Echostar Mirror Edition with PCI-E Connector
  3. Also to add:

    250gts 1gb video
    945 phenom II quad
    500gb hd

    when I take out the ram and the video card, i get no beeps as people say i should, So idk what the problem is
  4. You could try jumping the PSU to see if it works. If it doesn't start then there is your problem!
    To jump a cpu, I believe you put a paper clip in the green and the adjacent black wire of the 24/20pin motherboard plug. Next, you plug your PSU in and watch it work. Be sure to have a fan or something plugged in so that you don't mess up capacitors in your PSU. If that works then it's probably your motherboard OR some insane heating issue that instantly heats up your CPU and causes your computer to autoshut off. But i doubt that that's very likely because I think that it would take a minute before it got hot enough.
  5. Ok i did that, and i kept the leds connected to the psu, and the exact same thing happened as if it were connected to the mobo, the leds turned on for a split second and then turned off and the psu did not start up. so what does that mean
  6. Addition details: The PSU said there was power gong to it by the red light even after it wouldnt turn on, it acknowledged the fact it had power going to it, but wouldnt turn anything on.

    edit: mobo light is on when everything is plugged in
  7. The PSU said? lol i had to reread that to understand.

    Well if the PSU turned on and shut down then there is your problem! But if i were you i would have had more than LEDs connected on there.... I said a fan or something lol
  8. Also, the fact that the LEDs are on don't really signify that the PSU itself could just mean that it has current.

    I've never heard of that PSU company and i like browsing through computer parts a lot lol Did you get that PSU with a case? If you did then i would bet my money your PSU is bad.

    EDIT: I LOOKED up the psu and it's around $20 for 650w....that's usually a sign to stay away. I would NOT recommend trying to save cash on a PSU. I would save cash on a case, dvd drives,and HDD as long as they're made by WD.
  9. Yea...i like your thinking haha any recommendations for what parts i have and stuff? I would greatly appriciate it.
  10. Well what is your budget? I would say anything from Corsair or Antec would be pretty good.

    these seem decent-

    This is what i have but it's only 500w:

    these are some pretty good Corsairs that are equivalent in power to what you have OR greater:
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