X58A-UD7 not compatible with cpu cooler?


Building my new PC now!

ran into a bit of a problem, installation of scythe mugen 2 requires me to remove the orginal CPU bracket & backplate on the M/B.

The mugen install guide then says "keep the washers bewtween the cpu bracket and the motherboard to use on the mugen cpu bracket"

Problem is, there are no washers, they are kind of built in as apart of the motherboard CPU bracket screws & there's no way for me to use those screws on the mugen plate (they are sort of a pop rivet type screw)

Any ideas?
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  1. Well, I've successfully installed the Scythe Mugen 2 on a X58A-UD7 mobo.

    The washer thing is resolved by reusing the original cpu bracket (didn't read far enough down the installation guide lol)

    however, I would not recommend this cooler for this mobo.

    1. - custom backplate is interfered with by a metal bracket on the rear of the motherboard - be prepared to cut one of the arms of the backplate to fit in

    2. - only 1 spot to put the intake fan for the CPU, & it will be intaking air right next to your case's rear exhaust fans

    3. - you will require a full size tower to fit the cooler in

    looks like I'll be looking to watercooling when I'm going to clock above 3.5
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