Running Intel H55 graphics and Radeon HD4550 simultaneously

I recently purchased an Asus barebones set with a H55 chipset (with inbuilt HDMI, DVI etc). I also have a ATI HD 4550 card from my old PC that I installed and am using to run 2 screens (1 using the ATI HDMI, and 1 using the ATI DVI). I want to use the HDMI socket on the H55 chpset as well so both my screens are running using HDMI. Is that possible, and if so, how do I set it up? Currently the H55 sockets eem to be disabled and screen is blank if I plug the HDMI cable into the socket on the H55.
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  1. If I understand correctly what your asking, no you cannot run the h55 hdmi and run the hdmi off your 4550. Think about it like this, all the h55 is intergrated graphics just like you would get built into a motherboard but its on die with the clarkdale chips and a hell of alot better. So if you have a video card and intergrated graphics its one or the other. Maybe im wrong but I dont ever remember you being able to run intergrated graphics and a separate card for multi screen mode.
  2. Thanks for the response. When you say "hell of a lot better" do you mean that I would be better off running the screens off the H55 motherboard than using the radeon graphics card? Or are they likely to be just as good as each other>?
  3. 1) you have the proper set up already with both monitors hooked up to your card
    2) silky is right it wont work, you would need to disable the card to run off the mobo
    3) the 4550 gives you a more stable image, faster video, and will not take up as much system resources as the H55, so why would you want to switch?
  4. You can if you use 2 display drivers.
  5. thanks all. both monitors are working fine after some tweeking yesterday. I will stick with the 4550 for now.
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