Smart failure predicted on hard disk 1 hp pavilion

Hello, my laptop just started showing an error that a hard disk failure is imminent. The machine was just working OK till it started showing this error. Is there a way one can repair the hard disk and avoid replacing it. My machine is only 4 months old. Although it dropped just a week after I bought it, it has been working well all along...could this be the problem? Raphael Angulu
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  1. If a hard drive fails a SMART test, the drive will die. However, all drives die eventually, and there is no good indication of how many hours/days/weeks after a failed SMART test the drive has to live, but chances are good that it is less time than a drive that has not failed a SMART test.
    It is never a bad idea to back up your data, and when a drive fails the SMART test is as good of time as any to make a backup.
    I wouldn't necessarily go right out and buy a new hard drive right away, the dive may last a few weeks/months/years and you can shop for a good deal in the meantime.
  2. Oh, and a drop certainly can cause damage to a hard drive and cause it to fail the SMART test.
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