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I have a Dell inspiron 531:

According to i can only possibly upgrade my computer to 4gb.

However i have 4 RAM slots so could potentially put in more than 1gb per slot. I have windows 7 x64 which doesn't limit this.

Is right in saying that 4gb is my max despite this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. Crucial's scan tool is correct. Despite having 4 DIMM slots, each slot only supports up to 1GB. True, Win 7 x64 can support more than 4GB, but it can't change the limitations of your motherboard.
  2. brilliant, thank you for the help.

    would this work with my pc?

    i've been recommended it in another part of the forum, hoping to change my psu to get a new graphics card.

  4. well at the moment my gfx is a Radeon X1650 which isn't a bad one,

    i thought i'd upgrade to at Radeon HD 5750

    my theory is that if i upgrade my pc bit by bit, when it comes to a complete upgrade, i might be able to build on the cheap by using bits from my 531 that i've upgraded.

    the main thing i'm aware of is that my mother board it behind the times, but i've never homebuilt a computer before and i've only ever changed RAM and graphics cards before so i'm a complete novice when it comes to anything else really.
  5. so you're saying theoretically that if i can fit a dual slot graphics card in and a bigger psu then it could be worth it, but you'd recommend an nvidia so it matches my chipset?

    here's the back of my pc, i think that it can fit a dualslot graphics card in, i'll open mine up tomorrow and take a photo to upload so you get a better picture. i've looked on a few links n i think it might be best for me to measure the dimensions of my current PSU too.

    SO, if everything were to work out size wise, how much would my processor limit the usage of a decent graphics card like the hd5750?
  6. Quote:
    I forgot they started making some single slot higher performance cards..

    this will definitely take away the worry of it physically fitting.

    Ok so i've taken some snaps and had a look, i think a dual slot should fit but i'll upload a pic so you can have a look for yourself!

    If the dual slot does fit, should i get a new PSU for something like an ati hd5750 or will my current PSU do the trick?


    i have a new problem:
    Crucial recommended me this RAM -
    I bought this RAM -

    i arrived today, when i install it the computer wont boot and just beeps, suggesting it's not right, but it looks very much compatible to me. Any ideas?

    - My processor is AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ (2 CPUs) ~2.6GHz

    Sorry to keep pestering you for all this help!
  7. hmm i was hoping to keep the upgrades cheap/easy for the minute,

    1) are those processors big upgrades or slight upgrades? expensive?

    2) would the cooler be entirely necessary?

    3) are those graphics cards a massive step up from my ati x1650?

    4) that ram is really expensive, is there any way to get the ram i bought to work? i literally cannot understand why it won't!?

    cheers for the research!
  8. cool cool, i think i'm finally cracking down on my problems haha.

    OK so...

    1) which is better, the ati hd 5670 or the 5750?
    2) i'm correct in thinking neither will require a psu upgrade?

    i've bought these RAM, they've arrived, but the PC won't boot and just beeps when i put them in, they seem v compatible if crucial is to be believed:

    any ideas why this might be happening?
  9. Quote:

    whats the reason for my one not being compatible?
    if i can work it out then i can get the guy on ebay to exchange maybe.

    saying i went for the 5750 and was gonna upgrade my PSU, you got any good affordable suggestions for tht?
    my current psu is 15cm x 14cm x 9cm
  10. do they have to be compatible with old ram? i already have 2 x 1gb ram in there
  11. yea it's baffling why the RAM i bought doesn't work, i'm returning it and shall get the RAM you suggested. Is the higher the MHz the better the RAM?

    what PSU would you recommend for a HD5750?
  12. ok GTS450 or HD5770?

    and a cheap power supply you can recommend for either that will be compatible?
  13. cool cool i think i'll go with your recommendations,

    with regards to the PSU, on the link it says:
    Product Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 20 cm ; 2.6 Kg

    surely that can't be correct?
  14. that link says it's 300w, i'm pretty sure i already have a 300w psu?
  15. and that'll fit and be perfect for the GTS450?

    It's the 1gb version of the GTS450 i presume?
  16. according to the nvidia website, the GTS450 needs a minimum of 400w, you sure 350 will be enough?
  17. cool cool, i'm gonna go for that combo, i'll link anything before i pay for it just incase i'm getting a dud version haha.

    thanks for your help!
  18. going back to the old RAM issue, i've decided to get a refund on the RAM I bought off ebay. What 2 x 1gb RAM would you recommend?

    Before you said this:
  19. also, considering I have 2x 1GB already in my pc, from what i understand a 2 x 2GB is preferable to a 4x 1GB setup. How cheaply could i obtain a 2 x 2GB setup? I'm reluctant to spend more than 40/50 quid on RAM.

    the dell website recommends this RAM, is that a pretty standard price or could it be found cheaper?
  21. groovy, 2 coming my way :P

    once they turn up and are working, i'll get busy on the graphics card and PSU front >:)
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