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Hi!, I was wondering.... the PS3 Cell processor can be compare with the Phenom II x4 955?, or even with the i7 920? or a higher in any of the brands mention before? do someone know? thanks!
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    its like comparing a motor bike to a car..

    the actually processor in a ps3 is no where near as what a pc processor is.

    what makes the ps3 good is its streaming processors and how the ps3 os access them.

    The bugbear of PCS is still the slouchy resourcefull OS Windows and the slow buggy add ons in which other companies write to ad on to the platform

    looking forward to Windows 8

    windows 7 although good is still not the perfect os.
  2. Different architectures. In theory, assuming IPC were the same, the PS3 cell would have more power overall (8 cores @ 3.2 GHz), but the architecture is so different, its really impossible to come to a fair determination.
  3. Oh now I get it, thanks a lot for clearing my doubt!, see you!!
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