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I am looking for a nice looking monitor around 200-250$ with the best contrast ratio and highest resolution thanks in advance
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  1. what would you prefer ?
  2. Either one would be great. Like I said, monitors really come down to personal preference. I guess if I had to pick one of the three for myself I would probably pick the Samsung Rose.
  3. I have a Samsung Syncmaster P2370HD and I really want to buy another. The colors are vivid, black level is really deep, and it has a bunch of inputs for my other devices. I'd go with that again in a heartbeat!
  4. I agree with everyone above! :bounce:

    Samsung 23" LCD. I have one, and want to get another, to replace my Samsung 24"!

    Try this one:

    Best thing, it's only $199.00! :pt1cable:

    Of course I might be Samsung bias: I have 2 Samsung HD TV's (46" DLP, 32" LCD). Had a total of 5 Samsung Phones (currently Behold II and Catalyst). Going to get a Samsung Blu-Ray Player, so I can hook it up the the internet (either wireless or ethernet wire) to stream movies from NetFlix. But this is off topic...
  5. Of the ones you ones you listed, the Asus is the ebst choice IMO

    This is $9 over ya limit but well below retail price at $259 ....and the only one of the bunch to do 1920 x 1200 and 2 ms
  6. Althought the Samsung 23" I recommended only has a 5ms response time, it does display (up to) 2048 x 1152!

    As long as your video card can display it, but any modern card should. Check your video card specifications out.

    Even my PCI Video card can, in my old Dell machine: HIS Radeon 4350 129MB DDR2 PCI...

    And, for $199, sometimes on sale for $189, that's :pt1cable: (And $100 less than the Asus, no insult intended. I love Asus mobo's.)
  7. wow, the 2343bwx in us is more expensive than in canada, i saw it 159.99 in canada when it was on sale
  8. I got my ACER 23" P235 widescreen 1920x1080 with HDMI from on black friday for $139.99 :)
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