Does the Asus X53Kseries's (Laptop) DVI output transmit audio?

Hello Everybody:

My mother has a laptop which is mentioned in the title (Asus X53Kseries) and has a DVI, VGA, and S-Video outputs.

A few days ago I purchased a DVI->HDMI adapter to connect the laptop to the TV.

The TV does display the image produced from the computer, but the audio is not transmitted.

I think that it is worth to remind that the DVI output is a DVI-D dual link.

Thank you.
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  1. DVI doesn't transmit audio, only VIDEO. HDMI, as you know, does both, but audio isn't transferred when using an adapter.
  2. "If a PC's DVI output does not provide audio, it can be patched in as part of the DVI to HDMI adapter." - It's a quotation from the "DVI - Digital Visual Interface" page in Wikipedia.

    I am aware of the problems that some DVI outputs have in transmitting audio, but the saying above contradicts it.

    I can buy an audio cable but the whole point is to use as few cables as possible.
  3. first off wikipedia is not a reliable resource, though anything is possible. secondly this is not a problem with some dvi connectors this is the way the standard was designed, no where in the dvi standard is sound mentioned
  4. So, before buying a new cable that would transmit the sound; Are you all sure, that there isn't a way to transmit audio over the this setting?

    Thank you.
  5. I honestly don't think so. S-Video might do both.
  6. But in lower quality, right?
  7. shadow187 said:
    I honestly don't think so. S-Video might do both.

    S-video does not transfer sound, only HDMI

    Further the newest HDMI standards are capable of delivering higher resolution and color depth than any other connection, possible exception being display port but i don't think so. Of course in the real world we have no practical need for all that bandwidth just yet.

    On jobs we use HDMI when ever we can, nothing can beat the pic quality and the sound is included with 5.1 channels. And switch to using coax to run component signals when we have to do long runs, bit of a pain to run 5 rg-6 cables to a monitor but it gives a great pic stereo sound and it's dirt cheap.
  8. Alright, now after discussing it in here, and reading many opinions, I also bought the audio cable, since there was no luck with the HDMI to transmit sound.

    I bought the standard cable: on one tip there is a single connection for the laptop, and on the other one there are two connections for the TV.

    The problem is that I plugged the cables as it should be, and still; There was image but not sound. It can drive you crazy!

    I read the TV's manual (Which is by the way Sony Bravia) and on one of the pages there was an image of the rear of the TV, with 2 inputs under the category of PC: one a VGA connection and one a common connection of audio.

    I bought the DVI->HDMI adapter and the HDMI cable for more than 30$ and it's annoying when it doesn't work.

    What can I possibly do, having the cables and tools that I have, just to remind: 1 DVI->HDMI adapter, 1 HDMI cable (1.5 meter long), 1 Analog audio to red&white (I don't remeber the name of the connection) connection.

    Thank you.
  9. Hi, audio over DVI is only available on ATi gfx cards 2xxx series and above and I think you would need their DVI to HDMI adapter. I have never tried it with a third party one.

    Is the audio cable a standard 3.5mm connection?

    have you got the correct sound device enabled in windows?
  10. I'm sure the laptopo doesn't have one of the graphic cards mentioned above.

    The audio cable is indeed the standard 3.5 mm connection.

    And about the second question: "have you got the correct sound device enabled in windows?" I'm not sure, I played a little bit with the sound settings while being connected to the TV but with no success.
    Are there any other setting or options that I can adjust?

    Thank you.
  11. Do you get sound out of the laptop normally, if you plug in headphones do they work?
  12. I do get sound out of the laptop normally, and when I plug in headphones I also get sound normally (from the headphones of course).

    And now I have $60 worth of "equipment" that provides visual only.

    strangestranger thank you for sticking to the problem and trying to help me to solve it out.
  13. If you get sound out then I wonder why it is not working. If the TV has an audio in using red and white RCA connectors then I would think it would work fine.

    Seeing as I had the equipment handy I decied to test this out using an old laptop I had. Connected it up using a dvi to hdmi adapter and connected to a tv using a 3.5mm to red and white rca connectors and the picture and sound worked fine.

    There must be something that is stopping it from working. Does anything appear to be muted or the sound turned down very low perhaps. Unfortunately I am not sure what to do next.
  14. I really can't track the problem down. I tried everything, even to adjust the audio input setting of the TV itself, but still with no success.

    As you said there is no reason to have a problem, and of course there is something that is stopping it from working, but I don't know what. And even with your help I couldn't find the problem.

    I checked everything in the TV, the sound wasn't on mute, and the volume was loud enough to tear the walls down (if it has worked of course).

    I will go tomorrow to the mall where I bought the sound cables (because as I mentioned the image is pretty good) and ask them what else can I do, hoping they will give me an answer.

    strangestranger Thank you again, and if tomorrow I will get an answer I will post it in here.
  15. strangestranger Hello again:

    I went to the store and they told me what we are talking about for the last days, that there is no reason for it not to work. They even showed me how to connect it (the audio cable) using one of the TVs that were there. There was no need of showing, because they did the same that I did.

    Anyway, I took the same cable back home, to see if I can try another entrance or setting in the menu.

    I will go tomorrow to Sony's representative and see what they can advise me.

    That's it for now.
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