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Hello everyone,

I've been having terrible problems with my computer crashing and freezing in my games,
I removed one of the memory modules and the problem has been fixed (for now)

But anyways, My motherboard says it only accepts ddr3 10666 memory
but both my sticks are 10600... could that in any way be the source of my problems?
Also, since I'm looking into new memory for the bad stick, does anyone have any good suggestions, or should,
Rmaing my 2 gig stick of G-skill and getting a new one be enough, do I even need 6-8 or even 12 gigs of memory for the best gaming experience?

Cheers guys,
Thanks in Advance,
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  1. You don't need that amount of memory to run games. That amount is only good for people that works on many apps or with virtual OS.

    Run memtest to find out if you have bad memory stick. As for the ddr3 speed, they are fine.
  2. I ran memtest already and everything checked out, but removing one stops the problems so what does that mean?
  3. It means.. As I came to find out, that even though I replaced my memory when I first got my pc, what I failed to do was send in both the sticks I had, ( I thought the one I kept was working fine.. I was wrong.) and that is why It took me a year of torturous freezing and glitching of my games, and endless attempts and failures to fix my computer, because I wasn't absolutely thorough! Well Lesson learned!
  4. Problem Solved, both the original sticks of memory I got were bad, memtest just couldn't figure it out. So I replaced both and it works as it should now.
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