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hi guys i have a situation here i use windwos xp professional 32bit and i have a legit windows 7 disk that it wont never start installing windows i get an error when istalling windows about :windows couldnt retrieve information about the disks on this computer and this windows says everytime i do windows updates i searched on google i tried many things no luck reply me asap if you can say it as clear as possible
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  1. Guessing it is a dell computer. You may need to update the bios but my guess is you are trying to install win 7 64 bit on a 32 bit system, automatic fail!
  2. What model dell is it?
  3. its not dell its custom dekstop around 2008
  4. i tired it with windwos usb/dvd tool didnt install this way too
  5. guys i just had win 7 installation worked format and then installed thank you for your time (:
  6. Awesome glad to hear.
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