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Im sure this has been covered before, but i hope i dont get killed for asking again. I have an antec 900 case and i was wonder if it was better to have the cpu fan facing the back of the case or facing the top. I currently use a zalman 9500 but will soon be upgrading to a cooler master 212 plus. Does it even matter which way it is facing?
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  1. You can probably only position it one of those ways as the mounting is not symmetrical. Either one should be fine, as both aim right at an exhaust fan in the case.
  2. No it doesn't matter in your situation since that case has top exhaust and rear exhaust.
    Whichever way interferes less with other components in your case.
  3. Oh i see, What do you mean by face the front of the case?
  4. so am I, I have place it so the fan faces the RAM...
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    Having a fan in the left-side panel, blowing directly onto the motherboard,
    will probably have greater cooling effects than you could ever achieve
    by changing the orientation of your HSF.

    One report I saw recently confirmed a 10 C difference with and without
    a large fan in the left-side panel (i.e. 18 degrees F.)

    It's not only the volume of moving air that matters:
    from a thermodynamic point of view, the difference
    in temps between the hot components and the
    cooler incoming air also matters a lot.

    The bigger that difference, the faster the heat
    energy will propagate into the cooler air mass.

    That's why fans in the left-side panel and/or bottom panel
    make such a difference: the incoming air is not already heated,
    as happens with air that passes over HDDs and DIMMs first.

    CM's Storm Sniper is an excellent implementation of this principle:

    That's one of the reasons why we switched from Antec to Cooler Master.

  6. Storm Sniper is definitely great in cooling, but it is so darn ugly! I would suggest a CM690 II or HAF922.
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