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Hi There,

I recently purchased the MSI Wind U230 netbook/ultraportable for the purpose of HD video playback and portability. However I find whilst trying to play 720p videos on youtube the video is very choppy and and unbearable to watch! I am really upset becuase the MSI Wind U230 is clearly capable of playing back 720p video according to all reviews. Is there something I am overlooking?

The specs of the machine are:

1.6 GhZ AMD Athlond MV 40
ATI Radeon HD3200
Windows 7 Home Premium

Do let me know what I can do to rectify this annoyance.

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  1. my first thought would be your internet connection what kind of results do you get from speedtest and pingtest.
  2. Try downloading latest drivers for the 3200.
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    Go into the BIOS in ADVANCED disable the "Power Now" function. This limits the proc to 800mhz while on battery mode. it will diminish battery faster but hd will play like it does plugged in on battery.
  4. ^^ Thanks a tonne mate! Works like a charm now

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