5850 Overclocked = 5870?

I've been looking all over the web and many people seem to be claiming that an overclocked 5850 would pretty much equal a
5870. But I don't really know how this would translate to games like Crysis and newer DX11 games...would you still be able to max all games at 1920 by 1080
with an overclocked 5850 or would a 5870 be more suitable? Is the $100 price premium worth it?
I'd really like to buy now because I feel my 4850 512mb is limiting me to the lower settings.

Or maybe I should wait for the GTX470 instead, since it lies between the two...rather confused :/

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  1. OC'd HD5850 > GTX470
    OC'd HD5850 should be a bit better than an HD5870, but keep in mind that can be overclocked too. Mainly because the 5850 can reportedly reach a 30+% OC on the core/mem.
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    Even if you get the HD 5850 o/c'd to 850MHz core clock 1200MHz memory clock can be reached, but it will not give same performance, because the HD 5850 only has 1440 shaders, and the HD 5870 has 1600. You must also bear in mind that the HD 5870 can be overclocked as well, some can hit over 1GHz on the core clock. I reckon the HD 5850 is enough to play most games maxed out at 1080p, except Crysis, Metro 2033 and Shattered Horizon. If you still feel you need more juice, then get the HD 5870, but right now an HD 5850 can handle DX11 games just fine. If you don't mind getting the HD 5850 now, remember that you can always upgrade by buying another one, and get HD 5970 performance, whereas buying two HD 5870 would be $200 more expensive in total, and many games wouldn't need that power, except the three I mentioned previously, but, Crysis is more of a benchmark than a game imo.
  3. Dont bother with the 470 because you can buy a 5870 for that price. Go for the 5850 if your on a budget and overclock it.
  4. Thanks for your replies...I guess I'll go for 1 5850 and overclock, then add another one later once prices go down. I just feel
    that the 5870 is somewhat overpriced for what it really is. The 4XXX series were much more affordable IMHO...
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  6. Lmeow, you can get it to 1,000core/1,300mem. Lots of people have done it with a small voltage bump.
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