Firmware update for Mushkin SSD 120 GB

Hello, I need help really bad.
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  1. Mick_1936 said:
    Hello, I need help really bad.

    I need help with updating the firmware on my Mushkin 120 GB SSD, and could not find a category. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. I'm not behind your computer screen... what is the complete name of your drive? Castillo? Chronos? Deluxe?
    If you look on the physical drive you'll be able to find a thing looking like : MKNSSDCR240GB-DX
    You need to give specific detail.

    Just in case you dont know : All the mushkin ssd are listed here
  3. Thanks,

    The problem is solved. After three days, I called Mushkin support, downloaded some programs (like an old version "Parted Magic" and others) and the help tech ran me through the process.

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