Flash bios error

I have a big problem since last year.

My problem is I accidentally updated my BIOS (or what they called Flash BIOS) and in the middle of completing the process my laptop was not responding. Without knowing I restarted the laptop and what happened is the screen just go totally blank after that not even BIOS menu appeared. Only the fan sound I can heard and saw some blinking light from the power LED.

Product: Compaq Presario V3500 (V3828AU)
Chipset: AMD Turion X2
Warranty: Expired

Personally I'm a student and I need to save budget as much as I can from use it for repairing which cost me more than I can manage (I have asked a repair shop - the only one can do the restore service, others asked me to buy a new motherboard). I have bought external floppy disk and a diskette. Do you know how to restore the default BIOS to my laptop? I have pulled out the hard disk to be external for current use. Do I have to insert back the hard disk to restore the BIOS setting?

Please help me..anybody..tell me how to do it.
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  1. Write hp tech support. You may need a new board; lesson learned: never flash the bios unless a new cpu doesn't work. Most newer boards have the bios chip soldered on, so it's not possible to replace just the bios chip.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply.

    I have referred this problem to the HP service center and they told me they can't do anything except replace it with a new one.

    Then, I tried to refer this matter to local technician and he said he can fix it by restore the BIOS with the diskette solution something BUT with high cost for me as I'm still a student. He said everything is OK..just need to restore the default BIOS. That's all he said to me
  3. There is a way to restore the bios if you have the right software loaded on a floppy diskette, or cd. Asus has a "crashfree" bios restore program that comes with some of it's boards. But I'm no software expert either. I would check ebay for a used hp replacement board, but prices are usually high, and you'll still have to pay someone to install it. You may also check your local craigslist for a used laptop and transfer your hardrive over to the new system. Make sure your drive will work with the replacement laptop; I would remove it first and see what type of connector it has.
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