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This problem has been going on ever since I installed windows 7 ultimate 64bit

every now and again, the internet connection displays an error and when I use the troubleshoot feature, it says either my default gateway is unavailable or there is a problem with my local area connection 2 (the port my Ethernet cable is plugged into).

troubleshooting always fixes it for a while but the problem comes back. It's much more frequent when I'm playing a game and torrenting something at the same time, but it still sometimes shuts off when I'm just surfing the internet.

everything worked fine with vista before and i have updated the nforce 790i drivers to the most recent ones, and i don't have nvidia network access manager installed. I have turned off the power saving option for my network adapter too, that worked for a while but it still fails every so often.

The other day I tried to use my PC as a router for my xbox so I changed a few things in the ICS and adapters but I changed it back because that ethernet port is broken.

does anyone have any idea what to do, this is very annoying and I reallly don't want to have to reinstall everything yet again, downloading and installing takes forever

thanks for any input, build is in the sig
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  1. Are both Internet Protocol versions 4 and 6 enabled (TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6). Does your XBox 360 support TCP/IPV6? The obtain IP address automatically must be set on both your computer and the Xbox 360. Your XBox 360 must be set to use a proxy server. Your router may be have issues with the torrents and may have to be restart periodically . Look at your Event Logs on your computer.
  2. I have given up on the 360 idea, I'm just going to connect it the old fashioned way.

    Now as for the protocols, everything is activated and set to automatic. what will the event logs tell me?
  3. well I have scoured the forums and found a fix that worked for people in the beta. what you need to do is uninstall the nvidia drivers.

    you then download the latest VISTA x64 patch for your mobo, then you extract it using a tool like win rar. in there lyes a .sys file ending in 62x64

    rename that file to nvm62x64.sys, the windows 7 file name. find the location of the windows driver file using device manager, backup that file, then replace it with the nvidia one. it has worked very well so far.
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