What dictates 10Baset, Fast Ethernet etc..

I understand the differences between 10baset, Fast Ethernet etc.. but what determines if your network (work) is at one or the other? Is it the routers, NICs and cabling?? thanks
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  1. It's the hub, switch or router to which the NIC is connected (assuming that the NIC is 10/100/1000 capable).
  2. Gotcha..

    In a coproate enviornment whats the best way to tell if our equipment (hubs) are broadcasting 10/100/1Gps??
  3. You can check the connection speed on servers and workstations or check the color of the lights on the Ethernet port. I haven't seen 10 Mbps in a long time. Hubs are 10 or 100 only.
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