Two Directories.. Same Files.. Mirror Date Created / Modified?


I think the title sums it up! Does anyone know an easy way to solve this problem? One directory (Directory A) containing the same files as Directory B but with the wrong Date created / modified attributes. Trying to figure out how to make all the files in Directory A have the same date created/modified attributes as Directory B.

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  1. If they are the exact same files, copy the files from Dir A to Dir B, overwriting the files in Dir B. Then Copy the files from Dir B to Dir A, overwriting those. They should now have the same date stamps.
  2. Copy B to A, surely thats it, what are we missing.

    synchtoy is really useful by the way.
  3. I believe he wants to reset the date\timestamps on the copies to the originals not update the modified dates on the originals !! -- Not sure if it still works in WIN 7 but used to use File Date changer - If it does not work in WIN7 I'm sure there are other programs out there that do the same for WIN 7 files.

    EDIT : Seems File Date Changer is Obsolete but they now link to BulkFileChanger which is supposed to work in Win7
  4. Yeah, sorry should have been clearer, its only the dates created that needs to be matched, because I copied all the data over to a new server and lost all the original dates created, and now the files may have been modified so I cant just copy over.

    Unfortunately the program does not allow syncing in this way but thanks for the suggestions so far.
  5. how many files?

    Could you do it in VBA somehow?
  6. Over 11,000. Looking for something easier than writing a script obviously, but ill consider it if there are no other ways.
  7. To copy directories & files with mirror dates you can use these softwares with Graphic interface

    Another one
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