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What are some latest components for a gaming PC? I'm interested in the top 3 configurations for both AMD & Intel CPUs.
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  1. Intel has the CPU crown with the Core i7-980x Extreme Edition.

    Video card you can go either with right now. Nvidia has the lead for fastest single core GPU but ATI has the best single card solution. Check out the Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 and the ATI Radeon 5970.
  2. Your question is to vague to even give you a good response. If you're wanting to build a gaming system please fill out all the information in the "How to ask for new build advice" sticky and we'll help you.
  3. Thx royalflushr for at least a start of an answer.


    :( I thought my question was pretty clear. I'm interested in what you all believe are the top three Gaming PC setups for AMD & Intel. The graphics card in each setup is your choice. The systems should range in various costs. With the best being the most expensive. The choice of parts is up to you. Just try to make each setup comparable to the others. That means the $$$ AMD should offer the same performance as the $$$ Intel. If there are better components available for the same price. Please tell about it under the comparison.

    $$$ = $2,000+
    $$ = $1,500 - $2,000
    $ = $0 - $1,500


    #1 being $$$
    #2 being $$
    #3 being $


    #1 being $$$
    #2 being $$
    #3 being $


    The reason why I'm asking is because I have been out of the PC building loop for a while. I need a little incite to what I should be looking for.
  4. Are you asking for help or spamming? If you wanted help on a new system to build fill out the sticky so we can help you out.

    Otherwise what are you asking?
  5. fastx21 said:
    Are you asking for help or spamming? If you wanted help on a new system to build fill out the sticky so we can help you out.

    Otherwise what are you asking?

    :( I just told you what I'm looking for. I'm looking for the top three setups for an AMD system & Intel system. I specified the price ranges I was interested in. The systems should be comparable in speed in each setup.

    IE: The most expensive AMD should have the same performance power as the Intel.

    If for the same price I could get more powerful system. Please explain that under the comparisons.


    What form, sticky thing are you referring to?



    I tried looking around for this form. I think I found it. Is this is the thing you are talking about?
    Here is all the info. I can provide as of now.

    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the next 6-12 months finances permitting.

    BUDGET RANGE: I have three possible price ranges which I already indicated.

    $0 - $1,500
    $1,500 - $2,000

    It all depends on my finances which I'm able to go with. Rebates are NOT necessary.

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Light to Mild gaming, Surfing the internet, watching movies.

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers




    AMD & Intel CPU setups

    Nividia or ATI video cards

    Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS, or Shuttle MOBOs


    HDD: Maxtor? If not what is the latest and greatest?

    Power Supplies with detachable unused cables

    Water Cooling Setups?

    ATX Mid-tower case preferred, but would consider another full-tower


    SLI OR CROSSFIRE: I don't Know, tell me why or why not.

    MONITOR RESOLUTION: Monitor not needed.

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: ATX Mid-tower case preferred, but would consider another full-tower.
    Case should have at least one window & removable MOBO tray. A semi-quiet PC is always good.

    As for the rest of the parts I have a good idea what I would like.

    I'm really looking for the best that AMD & Intel has to offer. I have listed three prices ranges for each of the setups.

    If you can help me please do. I can't really explain my question any better.
  6. At ~$1500, AMD is very much under budget. Otherwise, the basic recommendations (without monitor or OS) are something like...

    $1100: x4-955 + HD 5870
    $1200: i5-750 + HD 5870
    $1500: i5-750 + HD 5970
    $1700: i7-930 + HD 5970

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