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Hey everyone!

I am trying to upgrade my CPU, and a bought one from my friend. Now my motherboard uses an old LGA775 socket type for CPUs. Would all CPUs that use this socket type be compatible with my ASUSTeK motherboard?

My motherboard has this number on it (N13219) but I can't seem to find out too much info about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) .

EDIT: Found out that the motherboard is in fact a A8M2N-LA Asus mobo. Still would like an answer to my first question :P

EDIT2: Found out i was misinformed... It is not a A8M2N-LA motherboard...
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  1. Use cpuz, a free download, to verify your motherboard model number and other information. Then post it here.
  2. Nevermind, turns out it isn't compatible....
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