AsRock N68-S UCC issue with Phenom II x4 920 and questions.

Hello there, I recently bought the Phenom II x4 920 Processor (AM2+ socket), so I was taking a look at the AsRock N68-S UCC mobo and found this (Quoted from the official website):

"AM3 processors: AMD Phenom II X6 / X4 / X3 / X2 (except 920 / 940)"

What does it mean? Also, in the CPU Support List does not appear the Phenom II x4 920, while quite clearly the mobo says it has am2+ socket.

Is there any problem with my processor in that mobo? And which one? Thanks in advance and forgive me if i'm being ignorant.
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  1. It is simple when you look at the list the board does not support CPU's that have a TDP higher than 95 watts. Unfortunately the 920 has TDP 125 watt.
  2. So it is not compatible? (920) ... Seriously, I need a better explanation of that.
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  4. The ASRock N68-S can't provide enough pwer for the 920 .. the board is only rated up to 95W and the cpu is rated at 125W. If you put it .. either it pops the boards or it doesn't start at all.
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    What rolli59 said is correct the motherboard doesnt supports CPU's with a TDP (thermal design power) higher than 95 watts, the X4 920 is a 125 watt CPU so it wont work.

    The motherboard doesnt have the proper voltage regulators to run a 125 watt TDP CPU. You will need to find a motherboard that supports a 125 watt TDP chip.

    If you want to risk it some people have had luck by undervolting your CPU but it is not guranteed to work, and you wont be able to OC.
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