Need to upgrade Gateway fx542x motherboard

Hello i am new here and have a hudge question if somone could help. So i have a Gateway fx542x Its a good system with a q9300 but i dont like the ecs 680 sli lt motherboard andwanna know if anyone can tell me a board i can upgrade to as well i am an idiot and bought the tuniq tower 120 extreme.. Main reason why i need to upgrade motherboard so it has to fit the tuniqtower and i have no idea where to start thanks in advance for any help
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  1. basicly i bought to tuniq tower 120 extreme because i thought it would fit my board well i was sadly mistaken hole for braket dont even come close to lining up so my only choice is to upgrade motherboards... but idk were to start so that everything will work with the new board
  2. really 63 people look at this and cant comment ....
  3. Contact Gateway and ask them if it is possible to upgrade the motherboard - I don't think so.

    What you can do is to add memory. This computer will handle 8GB RAM. Installed: 4096 MB DDR2, 800 MHz, (PC2-6400) dual channel memory (four 1024 MB modules)
    Expandable to: 8 GB (4 DDR2 DIMM slots)

    It comes with two 500 GB HDDs, and you can add one 1TB HDD in the 3rd. bay.

    It comes with NVIDIA GeForce® 9800GT video card, 512 MB - you should be able to upgrade this to a 1GB GeForce Video card. NVIDIA will be able to guide you on this - several choices available.

    The 700 Watts PSU is adequate.

    Good luck!
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